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“Easy Video Player 2.0” REPORT:
Does This Make Video Marketing Any Easier Or Is This Something You Should Be Doing Yourself?...

Easy Video Player Reviewed - The Answer To Seamless, Geek-Free Video Marketing

A lot of marketers find it difficult to convert their hard earned website traffic into sales, and it can be a really frustrating situation to be in ... when you see visitors coming to your website (often after paying a lot of time and money to get them there), only to watch them click away and never sign up to your lists or buy from you.

If you ever want to make big money from the Internet, you need to find a way to convert your visitors into subscribers and buyers ... and fast!

One of the biggest issues, which is causing a lack of sales, is the lack of trust your visitors have in you. They've got no reason to believe what you say, they don't know who you are, and ultimately people who feel like this towards you are never going to give you money.

Marketers realise this, and the web is changing fast to solve this problem. You may have noticed that as more more people use modern technology on their websites, your old textbased websites are starting to look dated and dull. More to the point, it's very hard to trust a website that has only got text on it.

What Is 'Easy Video Player' All About?

Easy Video Player Reviewed - The Answer To Seamless, Geek-Free Video MarketingRecently described as "the birth of video marketing 2.0", Easy Video Player allows you to capture your prospects at the very moment in which they are most likely to take action, by inserting Aweber opt-in forms and order buttons INSIDE your videos.

Easy Video Player also includes a number of viral sharing features, allowing your new customers to share your video with thousands of people across the globe - maintaining the quality of your message with an opt-in form or payment button effortlessly propelling them to take targeted action.

Ultimately, you'll be able to quickly insert videos into any website that you want to, and get those videos to generate clicks, opt ins and sales... without having to hire a professional web designer, I.T team or copywriter.

Furthermore, your videos will play back seamlessly as a result of the Amazon S3 integration feature, which allows you to upload your videos to Amazon's ultrafast servers, and seamlessly link them to your videos... with point-and-click simplicity.

For years, this was a mystery that only the most technical savvy web designers and I.T guys could understand.

Who Is It Right For?

Gone are the days of confusing server problems, enbed difficulties and lack of sales... because EVP not only eliminates the technical barriers, but creates web videos which are aimed squarely at generating more sales.

With so many different features, such as different player skins, button configurations, video exist options and linking, redirects, embedded opt in forms... it really has everything a successful marketer needs to sell using video alone.

If you are a product owner, it gets even better ... because you can give your affiliates a promo video selling your products, but they can put their own opt in forms and by now buttons into the videos... and you don't have to custom create videos for each affiliate.

All this and more can be found inside Easy Video Player

Easy Video Player Reviewed - The Answer To Seamless, Geek-Free Video Marketing

Our No.1 Choice:
Easy Video Player Reviewed - The Answer To Seamless, Geek-Free Video Marketing
Easy Video Player

Good Points:

tickEVP is easy to install

tickUser-friendly dashboard

tickMakes using Amazon S3 a piece of cake

tickSaves a TON of time and money


Bad Points:

tick Restrictive on usage, required upgrade for commercial license

tick You still need to be able to create compelling videos!

Our No.1 Choice:
Easy Video Player Reviewed - The Answer To Seamless, Geek-Free Video Marketing
Easy Video Player

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Easy Video Player Reviewed - The Answer To Seamless, Geek-Free Video Marketing

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